domingo, 20 de março de 2011

Hot and Cold

(versão portuguesa abaixo)

Although the Barbado da Terceira comes from an island with a relatively hot climate, it does not fear heat or cold. The dogs love the snow, as you can see in the video above. I have a female living in Finland, and even there her owner says she loves the snow.
The breed’s thick undercoat provides good thermal insulation. If the dog’s coat is properly maintained, water and ice will hardly reach the skin. However, naturally you should dry the animals after they have been out in the snow, to avoid the body’s cooling, as water can accumulate in the outer coat. You should also check for snow balls between the toes.

The coat also provides a good insulation in the summer. Traditionally, long-haired bearded dogs are clipped in the beginning of the warm season. However, if the coat is well kept and regularly brushed, the coat and undercoat will be loose, allowing for the proper airing of the skin without compromising the thermal insulation provided by the undercoat.
When partial shearing is done (without cutting the hair very short) because people think that the dog will be hot in the warm season, it is usually the outer coat that is clipped and the undercoat remains intact. However, it is the undercoat that is responsible for the thermal insulation, so cutting just the outer coat will not significantly influence heat regulation. Keeping the coat in good condition will, even without clipping it!

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